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Best Vj Software Top10

Best VJ Software: Top10 Rating

Top 10 Best VJ Software. Rating Top10 Opportunely, the market can offer a variety of commercial applications that will enable you to empower your specific VJ talent in legal terms. This definitely adds to self-respect and reputation in professional communities, just like using copyrighted vj loops for your performances. What’s more, the top 10 best of today’s commercial

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God is a VJ

God is a VJ? Who is a VJ?

God is a VJ? DJ is often compared with a God and a dance floor with life, respectively.  However who is a VJ on this feast of holy spirit? Presumably, a VJ can be considered a Lucifer, so-called “shining star”, a fallen angel, fleeing into the darkness and fooling others, luring them with lightning visuals

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How to make video mapping

How to make 3d video mapping projection? How to create projection 3d mapping with After Effects? Watch our Video Mapping Tutorials

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VJ gallery vienna

Vj Events at AV Galerie

Visual Experiments – AV Gallery We will start to do Artist’s VJ Events at AV Galerie (Vienna / Austria). If You have an interest to join us and do Live Visual set, please write to: office@limeartgroup.com

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Types of Projection Video Mapping

3D video mapping projections You can divide for 3-4 types. 1. Architectural video mapping – Video projections on building and architecture. 2. Object Video Mapping – Video mapping projections on geometric forms.

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